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5 Best Apps To Learn English in 2023

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

One of the many options you have as an international student is to come and study an English program. But sometimes being in an English-speaking country is not enough to learn the language. As an English learner, you will need to focus on adding new words, improving your listening skills, and improving your conversational English at the same time.

The language learning apps on this list will help you learn not only vocabulary and English grammar but also practice your pronunciation and complement what you learn in school. So let's go ahead and check out these options to find the best English learning app for you!

1. Hello English

Hello English is an app that you can use if you are from an Asian country. Why? Because it is designed for students who have done their education in 23 different languages, including Hindi, Malay, Arabic, Tamil, Chinese, and Indonesian.

Hello English has a free version that you can use to learn new words, English vocabulary from the news, lessons that you can access offline, and a dictionary with over 10K English words. If you want to learn in other ways, Hello English has speaking, writing, and reading exercises that should help you become proficient in the language.

As most apps, you can access a Premium version that removes ads and gives you some extra features.

2. Duolingo

As one of the most famous birds in the digital space and with excellent social media management, Duolingo is an app that can help you learn English in many ways.

The free version of Duolingo might be better for you to use as you get limited lives, which adds a playful challenge to your language learning journey. This gamified approach keeps you engaged as you learn a new word, earn rewards and unlock new levels. They introduce new vocabulary every lesson and you will definitely practice both listening and speaking.

Duolingo has a vibrant interface and an intuitive design which make navigating through lessons enjoyable.

3. Elsa

Pronunciation can be a challenging aspect of language learning, even when living in an English-speaking country. ELSA's speech recognition technology evaluates your pronunciation accuracy and provides immediate feedback.

The app's focus on perfecting your spoken English sets it apart. With a variety of exercises and scenarios, ELSA aids you in mastering pronunciation nuances and improving your English language skill. Whether you're aiming to reduce your accent or simply speak with greater clarity, ELSA's precision-driven approach is a valuable asset. The free version of ELSA limits you to 5 lessons a day which might slow down your progress.

4. BBC Learning English

The BBC Learning English app is a language learning resource. Backed by the reputable BBC brand, this app offers an assortment of engaging content for English learners which are called ‘Programmes’. The programmes include audio clips, news articles and videos. With BBC Learning English app you can pick your program from a list of categories such as ‘Everyday English’ or ‘Vocabulary’. Some programmes include quick quizzes to go with the lessons.

The app's well-structured lessons cater to various proficiency levels, making it suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike. However, unlike the other apps on this list, BBC Learning English app does not have a gamification feature which results in a very straightforward and simple (boooring 🥱) experience. The app is fully free and you can learn and access all you want, whenever you want to.

5. LetMeSpeak

Another valuable tool to aid your language journey is the LetMeSpeak app. Designed with a specific focus on enhancing your speaking skills, LetMeSpeak focuses on English conversation-based lessons.

This English speaking app claims that you can sound like a native English speaker in 3-weeks. Although we see how their techniques can result in that, to become accent-free in 3 weeks is a bit of a stretch in our opinion.

While being surrounded by an English-speaking environment will help you, improving your pronunciation and conversation abilities requires targeted practice. The app includes a free version that gives you access to a limited amount of lessons at a time. The interface, interactiveness and graphics are great. However, the app doesn't adapt to your language skill which means it might not be very beginner-friendly.

Learning English requires a lot of patience as it’s not your native language. Remember to give it time as it is a matter of practicing every day and stay willing to learn and improve.

There are many apps that can help you learn English faster. Whether your goal is to sound like a native speaker, learn basic English, improve your speaking skills or learn new English words, you are one lesson and one language learning app away.

Feel free to explore and find your perfect fit and let's ditch Google Translate. Do you want to practice the English language offline too? Join our Slack community and make friends from different parts of the world.

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