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5 Rules you need to know for surviving in Vancouver

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Maybe you have been wanting to move to Vancouver for some time now, or perhaps you are already here, and you still need to get a little bit more familiar with this city. Whatever the case may be, here are 5 unwritten rules that anyone who wants to live in Vancouver should know! Check them out:

1. Learn to appreciate the Rain

First of all, learn to appreciate the rain! You would be surprised by how many people, no matter how many times they hear this, are shocked when they realize how much it rains in this city 😂. Locals don’t call it “Raincouver” for no reason, hahaha.

Without this mental preparation, some people can get quite sad when the weather is not “ideal” for going out. So, the best advice we can give you is to learn to appreciate the rain! Yes, there’s nothing better than clear skies and a sunny day for some people, but hey! Rainy days have their thing too 😉.

They offer you the perfect weather to have a nice hot chocolate and a movie night at your place, or maybe you can go out to a local coffee shop with a book in your hand and enjoy the calm ambiance that rain provides… At the end of the day, it is up to you how you spend your rainy days but, trust us, if you learn to appreciate them, your time in this city will be so much better!

2. Always bring an umbrella

It might be obvious, especially after the first rule we mentioned, but, with the amount of skepticism there is about the rain, it’s worth it for us to say… always bring an umbrella!

Although, if we are being honest, most people who have been around this city long enough actually prefer just to have everything waterproof rather than having an umbrella. It’s just more comfortable! A good waterproof jacket, some good shoes and a waterproof backpack will do the trick. Mainly because the rain tends to be light rain.

That being said, it’s also quite common for the weather to change drastically and fast! So even if you checked out how the weather was going to be during the day before you left your place, and there was no rain in the forecast, it is always a good practice to be prepared for it during the rainy season, you know, just in case 😁.

3. Eat cheap, it will help your finances

Another unwritten rule is “Find cheap places to eat ‘cause you won’t find cheap places to live.” This rule comes from another well-known fact about this city that people usually know but don’t truly understand until they start living here; Vancouver is expensive!

Of course, we are not saying that you shouldn’t eat healthy or that you shouldn’t eat outside at all. But we do recommend you prep your own meals as often as possible and try not to eat outside that much. This could easily make a hole in your wallet without you even noticing

4. Learn to appreciate other cultures

As you know by now, Canada is a country that is built up by immigrants and therefore, it’s one of the best-ranked countries in the world for immigration. And the streets of Vancouver are the perfect reflection of that!

While walking through the streets, you will experience multiculturalism. You will undoubtedly hear more than 5 languages ​​in less than 10 minutes of just walking through the streets of downtown or getting on a bus. Vancouver is one of the few cities where you can have this kind of experience with such a wide range of different cultures. So don’t miss out!

Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to learn to appreciate other cultures! We understand how easy and comforting it can be to arrive in a new place and immediately associate with those similar to you, usually with people from your own country. Still, if you open your mind a little, you can allow yourself to meet people from all over the world, and share your culture with them and vice versa!

5. Microclimates are a thing

Just like you read it, microclimates are a thing throughout Metro Vancouver. Some parts of metro Vancouver could be covered in snow while others didn’t even see a single snowflake… As we mentioned before, this is a city in which its climate tends to change drastically really fast, so it’s not uncommon for you to be fully prepared for a rainy day and suddenly BAM!! The sun comes out, and not a single cloud can be seen in the sky.

So keep your head up for possible changing weather and have a spontaneous attitude to make the most out of an unexpected day.

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