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7 In Demand Jobs In Vancouver

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The 2022 Labour Market Outlook is a 10-year overview of the professional occupations that are anticipated to be available in British Columbia. Because this is a 2022 report, that means they give us information on how the job market will look in the province until 2032.

British Columbia is anticipating 1.01M job openings between 2022 and 2032 and almost 80% of these jobs may require a post-secondary education or training. We decided to look at the LMO report and extract the 7 most demanded jobs for you to be informed.

In the list below we highlight the number of projected job openings, how much you can earn in these jobs and whether you require a diploma or degree to get them. You’ll be surprised to see there is a job you can get while being a student! Are you ready? 🥁

Job 1: Registered nurse and registered psychiatric nurse

Nursing involves taking care of people's health, making sure they stay healthy, helping them recover from illnesses and injuries, and doing what you can to prevent them from getting sick or hurt in the first place.

As a psychiatric nurse, you will be part of a healthcare team, you collaborate with other professionals to evaluate what patients need and create personalized treatments. You will consider the connection between a person's mental, emotional, and physical well-being and also take into account social, cultural, and religious aspects that may be relevant.

To be a RN or a RPN you will need a bachelor’s or graduate degree. It is projected that there will be 22,080 openings and you can get paid up to 47 CAD an hour.

Job 2: Retail and wholesale trade managers

Retail and wholesale trade managers plan, organize, manage and evaluate the operations of businesses that sell products or services in a retail store or wholesale. It is projected to have 21,810 job openings by 2032. You will need a diploma or certificate to work as a retail and wholesale trade manager.

You are expected to earn up to 57 CAD an hour as a manager but the lowest that you can earn is 17 CAD. Curious about the cost of living in Vancouver as an international student? Check out our article Cost of Living in Vancouver.

Job 3: Administrative Officers

Administrative officers oversee and implement administrative procedures. You will be expected to establish work priorities, analyze administrative operations and coordinate administrative services such as office space, supplies and security.

You will need a diploma or certificate to be an administrative officer and you can earn between 17 CAD to 57 CAD an hour. 😳 Big range! There will be 19,540 job openings by 2032.

Jobe 4: Retail sales supervisors

As a retail sales supervisor, you will supervise and coordinate sales staff and cashiers. You will also assign sales workers to duties and prepare work schedules. It requires a high school diploma to work as a supervisor at a retail store, which means as an international student you can be a supervisor while you are studying. There will be 14,696 job openings by 2032 according to the government of British Columbia and you can earn between 15 CAD and 32 CAD an hour.

Job 5: Information systems analysts and consultants

As an information systems analyst and consultant, you will analyze what systems need, and create and implement information systems, development plans, policies and procedures. You will also provide advice on information systems issues.

You will need a bachelor’s or graduate degree. It is projected that there will be 13,680 openings and you can get paid up to 60 CAD an hour although the minimum is 22 CAD an hour, which might be the case in the beginning.

Job 6: Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Computer programmers and interactive media developers write, change, connect and test computer code for Internet applications, computer-based training software, computer games, film, video and other interactive media.

There will be 13,490 job openings between 2022 and 2032. You will need a bachelor’s or graduate degree and lots of practice to be a programmer. It pays between 26 CAD - 60 CAD an hour. We also saw many current job postings in Vancouver that say they only require a diploma or certificate so double-check with a college if that is true. 🤷

Job 7: Financial auditors and accountants

Financial auditors study the accounting and financial records of people and businesses to make sure they are accurate and comply with accounting standards and procedures. As an accountant, you will plan, organize and administer accounting systems for people or companies.

Typically these jobs require a degree or degrees and certificates such as Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). However, it pays off because you can get paid up to 48 CAD an hour. There will be 11,630 job openings in BC by 2032.

Now what?

As an international student, you come to Canada to invest your money in your education in hopes of getting a good job and building a better career for yourself. Use this list as part of your decision process when choosing your program. Better yet, take the time to go over the report yourself. If you need help finding a program, reach out to us using this form and we will connect you to a trusted advisor here in Vancouver.

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