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9 Must-do Spring Activities in Canada

3 Things to do in Vancouver | Montreal | Toronto during Spring 

Honestly, Canada is different every season (NOT KIDDING) and Spring's not the exception. Whether it’s Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto, each one offers a unique experience. 

Let's begin with Vancouver.  Spring is that time of the year when our eyes can see the light again. It brings a welcome change from the rainy winter months 🥶🌧️🌨️ and because of that, you may be wondering (or probably not yet) what to do. Here are 3 of our favorite activities: 

  1. Attend the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 🌸🌸 Vancouver’s cherry blossom trees steal the show during Spring. It’s the city’s way of saying ‘Winter, see you next time’ and a colorful way to receive the new season. During this time, the Kitsilano neighborhood and Queen Elizabeth Park are among the places to visit to see this massive pink party.  There’s even a festival! Picture this: pink petals, light breeze, picnic, friends. The festival runs from March 29 to April 25 and has lots of activities, including blossoms after dark, Haiku readings, pop-up events, and even bike rides under hundreds of beautiful trees. If you want to explore with some friends, you can access this cherry blossom map to plan your custom route.

  2. Visit Stanley Park 🌳🌳 Leaving behind cold weather, Stanley Park becomes an ideal destination. Among the activities you can do here are riding a bike or walking along the famous Seawall (it’s better if you wait for the sunset 😍), visiting the totem poles, and enjoying up to 27 km of trails.  Don’t forget to take pics of the panoramic views of the city and mountains!

  3. Hike Grouse Mountain 🥾🏔️ Yes! It's that time of the year, again. As the snow melts, Grouse Mountain becomes a hiking destination. As they say, ‘New year, new me’, so maybe this year you’ll want to dedicate some time to do some outdoor activities! 

Tackle the challenging Grouse Grind A.K.A (also known as) “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”

and see how long it takes you to do that climb. And just so you can challenge yourself, the average time it takes is 2.5 hrs. However, if becoming the next Canada’s Ninja Warrior is not on your bucket list, you can take the Skyride gondola for panoramic views and delicious hot chocolate waiting at the top. Come on! Don’t miss this experience.

Now let’s travel from British Columbia to the province of Quebec, where Montreal is located. Montreal comes to life in Spring. Forget about the -20-degree weather! It’s time for a burst of energy and here are some delightful things to do in Montreal during this season. 

  1. Explore Street Art in the Plateau 🖼️👨🏼‍🎨👩🏼‍🎨 Discover the charming streets of Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood. Colorful murals, vibrant art, and a dynamic and artistic vibe that is the result of many artists participating in graffiti festivals over the years. Stroll along the Boulevard Saint-Laurent and discover what each mural has to offer – and because we believe that everyone sees art in different ways, there's an endless number of stories and perspectives to take in during your visit to this vibrant neighborhood.

  2. Visit Mount Royal  In Spring, Mount Royal transforms into a beautiful landscape. You can choose to either hike or stroll (walk) through this urban oasis and catch beautiful views of the city from its summit. The park itself brings a sense of serenity, inviting locals and newcomers to embrace the new season. This mount is located immediately West of downtown and is a place where Montréalers spend all seasons doing different activities, including jogging, boating, pet walking, picnicking, cycling, snowshoeing, and even tobogganing.

  3. Attend Festivals and Events 🎎🥮🎉🥳 Montreal is known for its festivals. Check out any cultural event happening in the city during this warm(er) season like Montreal Digital Spring, interactive art installations, Montreal Bike Fest, Blue Metropolis Literary Festival, and Montreal Museum Day. 


Now, let’s head to Ontario, where Toronto offers a variety of activities that you cannot miss. Here are a few more things for you to experience during your time in Canada’s largest city.

 1. Hike, hike, hike

If you want to start being active after the hibernation months, here are 3 hikes you can try to do. Remember to check the Ontario Parks and other trail websites to make sure it’s safe to hike and the gear required.

  • Mono Cliffs Provincial Park: it has the perfect dose of everything, having some of the best hiking trails and views. For example, the cliff-top trail lets you walk past 30-metre cliffs 😱, while the spillway trail will make you venture into a canyon.

  • Smokey Hollow Falls: This hike is located at the edge of the GTA and goes by many names, including Grindstone, Waterdown and Great Falls. This is the perfect hike for you if you love waterfalls as its main attraction is a 10-foot fast-flowing ribbon waterfall, surrounded by forest that used to power a local sawmill. Perfect in the spring after the snow melts. 

  • Beamer Memorial Conservation Area: This place is famous for its stunning views of the Niagara Escarpment AND, during spring, you can see the annual Hawk migration 🦅. This migration occurs from March 1 to May 15 and, as a visitor, can join other hawk watchers and learn how to identify birds of prey such as Golden Eagles or Red-Tailed Hawks.

2. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Toronto is hosting some awesome celebrations on March 17th. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one you cannot miss as it includes dancers, marching bands, and a green vibe. The parade starts at noon and lasts a couple of hours. It will take place in the downtown area and will follow a 7 to 8-block route. That is not all, you should check Irish Pubs & restaurants for special menus (including green beer 🍺), and there will be family-friendly activities. 

3. Run the Toronto Marathon 🏃‍♀️👟

If you like to run, then you should definitely attempt the Toronto Marathon which will take place on May 5, 2024. Before you scream out of fear, let us tell you that this event is not only a full marathon, but it also includes shorter distances like the half marathon, 10k and even a 5k walk. It is a great activity if you are looking for some exercise-related fun or if you want to start working on your summer body!

Now you know just a few of the plethora of activities that these three cities have to offer, so there’s no excuse to stay home and watch Netflix. Get out there, meet people, and live new experiences!

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