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Benefits of student accommodation services - Meet Casa

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Finding a place to stay in Vancouver is like trying to find Waldo, but in a black & white book. Whether you are looking for an apartment or just a room, the task is really, really hard, even for people who already live here! And when it comes to finding accommodation in Vancouver as an international student, the task gets even harder. Let us explain why…

There’s a story that we hear a lot from international students, and it starts like this: “I tried to find accommodation on my own.” This is common, mainly because they either think they can find cheaper options than the ones offered by accommodation services, they are looking for a specific location (usually downtown), or they want a bigger space. The reasons vary but it results in the “I’m sure I can find something better” mentality. The problem is that most international students don't know what is required by landlords to actually rent a place in Vancouver.

Landlords have become more and more strict in the past few years. Because of it, more requirements have come into play when looking for accommodation, and many of these requirements are out of reach for international students. Therefore, as we previously mentioned in our “Finding accommodation” article, some of the requirements include:

  • Previous landlord reference (from Canada, of course)

  • Proof of employment or income (which you also don't have)

  • Credit score check (again, Canadian credit score. Which you don’t have)

  • Paperwork (passport copy, local id, etc.)

  • A commitment of at least one year of tenancy (that’s what most landlords and renters ask for)

  • Tenant insurance…

Since it is almost impossible to comply with these requirements, another common pathway from that same story is for students to end up arriving at a shared accommodation. And when we say shared we mean “you can sleep on the living room’s couch and pay me 900 CAD per month” kind of shared. Not a “here’s your own private room” kind of deal. This, of course, is not what you would expect of your first experience living abroad, is it? But that’s just how it is.

So, how does the “I’m sure I can find something better” story usually end?

Well, more often than not, students end up reaching out last minute to an accommodation service provider, like homestay services or a student residence, resulting in extra fees or unwanted locations (far from school).

However, if you don’t want to live with a family or share washrooms in a dorm-style residence (and you definitely don’t want a 900 CAD couch in someone’s living room 🤣), we have a secret to share: Casa Student Housing.

Casa is our secret option #3 for finding accommodation in Vancouver. But what exactly do they do? Casa’s focus is to provide great quality accommodation at a great (competitive) price, and they do it through both their Homestay service (matching international students with local families who have an extra room to rent) and their student residences, which we recommend to more mature and independent students.

They have been in this industry for years now, and they not only have great customer service but they also have a detail-oriented philosophy that makes their accommodations… how does that saying go? “Crème de la crème”.

They have been in this industry for years now, and they not only have great customer service but they also have a detail-oriented philosophy that makes their accommodations… how does that saying go? “Crème de la crème”. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself 😉.

  • APT Living - Just 20 minutes away from Downtown Vancouver!

  • Viva GEC - Live in the Heart of the city! Located in Downtown Vancouver

  • King Edward - Just 10 min away from Downtown Vancouver via Canada Line. These apartments are so new that they are not even finished yet!! 🚧

The process of renting with Casa is easy and it’s specifically designed for international students. So there won’t be any surprise requirements for international students here. Plus, you can book your accommodation way in advance before your arrival date! So you don’t have to experience that feeling of not knowing where you’ll be spending the night as you arrive in the country (trust us, it’s a horrible feeling). Now that you have all this information, tell us, how do you want your “finding accommodation” story to end up like? We for sure know which option we would go with 😉.

And please, if you need help in any step of your journey of being an international student, from how to pick the best school to finding accommodation or getting a job, don’t hesitate to ask for our help. We are always happy to help you out! Keep Thrivving! 💪

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