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Bites of Vancouver; The truth about the culinary scene in Vancouver!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Welcome to Bites of Vancouver, where we explain everything you need to know about the culinary scene in Vancouver! From the most economic bites you can have in the city, to the newest and trendiest places to go… Maybe we’ll even include some cool promotions for you, who knows 😉

But first things first! Let us give you a little explanation of what to expect from this city when it comes to food.

How’s the food in Vancouver??

Probably one of the questions we hear the most, and is usually accompanied by ”what is Canadian food like?” and “any traditional dishes I should try?¨ Well, let us enlighten you… There's no such thing as traditional food here!! At least not in Vancouver, and there’s a great reason behind it.

Vancouver is by far a city with one of the most culturally diverse environments in the world! With more than half of its population being immigrants or the direct descendants of immigrants, the culinary scene in Vancouver is a perfect reflection of this fact. That's why eating here is a life experience!

The city is home to countless cafes, restaurants, bars and food markets that offer various types of cuisines – Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Japanese, Caribbean, Indian, Vietnamese, you name it! Vancouver never falls short of options for where to go, so if you are a foodie like us, then this city is definitely for you 😉.

Is this that impressive though?

Yeah yeah, we know what you are thinking, that just because there are plenty of vibrant options for you to eat at doesn't mean they are truly authentic. We know... it is not like New York, London or any other important metropolis in the world. Although it might not have that same diversity in its food, Vancouver has a big differentiator… the people!

Going out to eat in Vancouver means having a great chance of finding a place whose owners not only grew up with the food they are preparing today, but who give their all to try to honour their own culture as best as they can, through every dish they make, and every bite their customers take. We don’t know about you, but we would say that’s quite a unique experience 😉

In conclusion - What to expect.

That being said, there are also plenty of places which have adapted their food to the local market, making a fusion of any overseas cuisines with their own; Chinese and Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean, or even some most-liked fusions north of the Americas; Tex-Mex anyone?

So, yeah, mirroring their neighbours in the south, Canadians also have a very wide range of bars and pubs that celebrate North American culture by offering the classic dishes that anyone would expect to see when going to the United States; burgers, fries, beer and a good piece of steak. But then again, who wouldn’t like that?

Well then, how can we define Vancouver’s food scene? With just one word, DIVERSE! From small authentic places that represent the cuisine from specific countries to big restaurants that combine elements of different cuisines to create unique flavours. Going out to eat in Vancouver is synonymous with excitement, mystery, adventure and fun! It’s an experience everyone can make their own.

Note ---- Fun Fact: The one dish that could be considered a real Canadian tradition: Poutine! A dish made out of french fries and cheese curds topped with gravy… Definitely a must-try! ----

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