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Blood Donation In Canada

Did you know that, on average, someone in Canada needs blood every 60 seconds? Blood is a critical part of everyday medical care. This includes major surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and managing diseases and disorders. The best part is that all active donors have the potential to change someone’s life forever!

Hi, my name is Maria Gore and I’m a Community Development Manager at Canadian Blood Services. As an international student, I quickly fell in love with Canada’s culture and began a life-changing journey. After completing my MBA, I was looking for an opportunity to work for an organization that thrived on making a positive impact on communities – and I found it in Canadian Blood Services.

Canadian Blood Services is a non-profit organization that ensures patients across Canada receive lifesaving support. This organization manages the national collection and supply of blood products for all the provinces and territories, except for Quebec.

Why Should We Donate Blood?

For over 25 years, Canadian Blood Services has been supporting patients and more than 700 hospitals across the country. We rely on donors and partners to make our mission possible and continue to maintain the necessary levels of blood and plasma products, to fulfil the ongoing needs of patients. One of the organization’s goals is to keep the national blood inventory strong to continue helping the community.

Over 7000 thousand new donors are needed every month across the country to keep Canada’s Lifeline secure. Canadian Blood Services has had the continued support of a dedicated group of donors who come back every year and help sustain our collections. However, it is the constant need and growth in demand that makes it necessary for our organization to recruit new donors every day so that we can continue assisting those in need.

I believe the greatest human connection happens when you give a part of yourself to make life better for others. By becoming an active donor, you can contribute to lifesaving support. In under an hour, with a blood, plasma, or platelet donation, you can save up to three lives. Whether someone donates this week or next month, our community’s support is invaluable and always needed. 

Who Can Become A Donor?

One in two people in Canada is eligible to become an active donor of blood, plasma, or platelets, but only one in 81 does. People are not always aware of the importance of blood donation and how this may impact their family or friends. However, it is important to know that life can change in seconds, and someone you love may need blood immediately, which is why each donor who joins Canada’s Lifeline is vital. 

As an international student, I had the idea that donating blood was not possible for me. But that thought was far from reality. As international students, we can safely donate blood in Canada if we comply with the standard donor eligibility.

Becoming an active donor of blood or plasma products is incredibly easy. Anyone can go to and book an appointment online at their nearest donor centre using their postal code. They can also call 1888 2 DONATE (1 888 236 6283) or download the Give Blood app and book an appointment in less than two minutes.

Patients across Canada count on Canadian Blood Services, and there are many ways in which people can help to keep Canada’s Lifeline strong. People can donate blood, plasma, or platelets at donor centres, volunteer, join the stem cells registry, register their intention to donate organs and tissues, financially donate, or simply share this information with their family and friends. 

Doing any of these would be making an incredible impact!

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