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Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Updated: Aug 17, 2023


If you are an international student in Vancouver or if you are visiting the city in the winter, then your timing is perfect! Canyon Lights is 45 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. Schedule your visit before it is too late, this event only lasts for two months (November 19, 2022 – January 2023), believe us when we say: IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT, the lights are amazing!

The suspension bridge opens at different hours, depending on the season, but with the Canyon event, the Capilano bridge operates from 11 am- 9 pm daily 🕘. Easily accessible by public transit or by hopping on one of the free shuttle buses departing from Canada Place and select hotels in Downtown Vancouver

WATCH OUT! Closed Christmas day. Plan your visit and expect to spend between 2-3 hours, plus or minus depending on your interests. Plan for the weather, the crowds, and whether all areas around the bridge are open while you are there. Speaking of areas, the gift shop also has lots of fun items for sale. Normally, you would not typically find anything of interest in these types of gift shops, but Thrivvers, make sure you visit the Trading Post. You can find clothing, jewelry, toys, decorations, and First Nations designs in the gift shop. Specialty foods, such as maple syrup, smoked salmon, homemade fudge, and chocolates are also for sale at the Trading Post.

Take your time though and enjoy the amazing experience, Canyon Lights is a great way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the holiday season!!!

Three interesting facts

The original name is Kia’palano which means beautiful river, just like the river that runs under the bridge.

Did you know the Capilano suspension bridge is 137 meters long? That is two NHL hockey rinks, it is also 70 meters high, the same height as the statue of liberty’s shoulder.

The bridge is strong enough to hold 246,000 pounds, that is 5,000 beavers 🦦.

If your knees shake at the mere thought of heights this is not a spot for you. On the other hand, if you love the thrill of heights and fabulous rainforest views you found your next stop at this suspension bridge. Look at this video.

Below are some tips from Thrivve:

❄️ TIP #1: Consider visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge in the later afternoon, before it gets dark, so you can see the sights and the river below. Then stick around for nightfall to see the place all lit up with Christmas lights.

❄️ TIP #2: Take your date to see the Christmas lights. This bridge is one of the most romantic spots in Vancouver.

❄️ TIP #3: Visitors in wheelchairs usually receive free admission. Unfortunately, not all the areas at Canyon lights are wheelchair accessible.

❄️ TIP #4: Canyon Lights gets completely busy on weekends and during the week just before Christmas because the park closes later. Be patient with the crowds, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time there.

❄️ TIP #5: Don’t forget to check the schedule for the FREE SHUTTLE service that Capilano offers to its visitors ;) It departs and arrives at Canada Place and other selected hotels. It’s super comfy, quick, and helps you avoid the struggle of needing to commute all the way there.

❄️ TIP #6: If you are a student, get your ID ASAP (as soon as possible) to get a discount.

Keep warm! It is too cold outside.

❄️ TIP #7: Schedule your visit before 4:30 pm, that way you can see the signs, the river below the bridge, and the lights on the same day.

Having said so, prepare yourself, invite your friends, family, or the person you like, and buy your tickets online. The price of the tickets is between $25 - 63 CAD follow the link to see more information. Please do not forget to charge your phone! And most importantly ARRIVE ON TIME.

Thrivvers’ let us know what you think about Canyon Lights in the comments section! Do not forget to share with us your videos and photos, we would love to see your joy!

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