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Cheapest Neighbourhoods to live in Vancouver!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

As you know by now, Vancouver is an expensive place to live. Especially when it comes to housing. It has not only been ranked as the most expensive city to live in in Canada, but it has also made it to the topmost expensive cities to live in the world multiple times! It is currently more expensive than some of the biggest cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and even London.

That’s why constantly identifying which neighbourhoods could provide you with a better lifestyle vs cost ratio is a good idea, especially if you have already made up your mind and for sure want to live in Vancouver, not its surroundings.

That being said… Here’s a list of the cheapest neighbourhoods in the city as of February 2022:

- The following prices are the average monthly rent for Furnished apartments in said neighbourhoods. Source,

Those prices look a little bit scary, don’t they? We know… but keep in mind that those are average prices! And also are the average prices for furnished apartments. If you know how to look and are patient enough, you can find a more affordable price in said areas. Plus, remember that there are a lot of luxurious apartments for rent in these neighbourhoods as well, thus increasing the average price by a lot.

However, if you still find these prices way out of your budget, then allow us to suggest that you reconsider how bad you actually want to be in Vancouver. Because moving 1 or 2 cities away in the Greater Vancouver area could make a huge difference when it comes to pricing! For example, in New Westminster, which is between 30 min to 45 min away from Vancouver (transit average), you can find Furnished 1 Bedroom apartments for around $1,800 per month. You know it’s a great price as it is within the range of the cheapest neighbourhoods in Vancouver… let’s not talk about the most expensive ones for now!! Something for you to consider 😅

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