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Finding a Job in Canada | Meet Wayble

Updated: Jun 21

We hear you are looking for a job. Time and time again we hear comments like the following.

"I don't get why my experience from Colombia gets the cold shoulder. People here act like I've never seen a computer before!" – Camilo, a Social Media Manager from Colombia 🇨🇴.

If, like Camilo, you are finding it hard to cross the “Canadian work experience” barrier, we have something amazing to tell you!

Starting today, Wayble and Thrivve will be holding hands and walking together to help you have access to better job opportunities. But, who are these people exactly?

You’ll be happy to know that the co-founders are international students too 🙂. Pat Chaisang and Ramneet Brar decided to start this company after noticing the lack of support for international students and seeing many of their friends having to leave the country because they couldn’t find work.

What once started as a Meetup group at a coffee shop is now a platform that has reached 60,000+ students and is making a difference in connecting international students with industry.

Wayble is all about helping international students land great jobs in Canada. Like us, they know it can be tough to find the right job in a new country. Therefore, their job portal makes it super easy to find opportunities tailored for students from abroad. 

And it doesn’t stop there! They offer advice and support to guide you every step of the way. They even have a Career Pathway Program that can help you connect with companies that want to hire students and have 2-week real-life projects they would like you to work on. This program is supported by the Government of Canada and will create 3,000+ opportunities for students to get hands-on experience through work-integrated learning opportunities. It will have 6 cohorts you can apply to throughout the year and include 6 weeks of on-demand & live job search training + the 2-week project.

By joining Wayble, you can find your dream job, and start your success story in Canada with a bang 💥. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Rafah and I can only wish we had something like this when we were students! But there was nothing like it. So please, regardless if you are a current student or someone who is still thinking about becoming one, don’t take the work that Wayble is doing for granted.

The struggle is real, and Wayble are handing you the tools to overcome it. Finding a job as an international student isn't a walk in Stanley Park; it's a challenge. But armed with awareness and tools like this, you can go as far as you want!

The Wayble + Thrivve partnership is a game-changer for internationals. You know all the information we have to offer, but now go and explore what Wayble has to offer.

Share this wisdom, be the beacon for someone else on their journey, and let's make the dream of thrivving in Canada a reality 💪🏽💼

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