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Halloween Thrills and Chills Around Vancouver: A Spooktacular Guide 2023

As the leaves turn to vibrant hues of orange this fall and the cool breeze of autumn sweeps through the city, Metro Vancouver and its surrounding areas come alive with the spooktacular Halloween spirit. From heart-pounding scares and haunted house overhaul of your neighbourhood to family-friendly events including pumpkin carving, costume parties and Halloween treats for the young kids, there's no shortage of Halloween excitement to be found in this region. So put on your best costume as in this guide, we'll take you on a journey through some of the most thrilling and chilling Halloween activities and events, embracing the Halloween spirit in Vancouver and its nearby communities.

1. Fright Night at Playland - Vancouver's Ultimate Scare Fest

Playland's Fright Night, a premier Halloween event, is a cornerstone of Metro Vancouver's Halloween season. Located at the iconic amusement park, Fright Night boasts a variety of terrifying haunted houses, special effects, and hair-raising rides that are sure to get your heart racing. With names like "The Bloodshed" and "The Haunted Mansion," it's an experience that will leave you with unforgettable Halloween memories this fall.

Ticket Prices: from $30 and up

2. Ghost Train at Bear Creek Park - Surrey's Haunting Adventure

Surrey's Bear Creek Park hosts a unique Halloween event known as the Ghost Train. Families can enjoy a train ride through a mystical forest filled with live performances, lost souls, and captivating storytelling. It's a perfect way to blend the enchantment of the outdoors with the Halloween spirit, making it a delightful family friendly event.

Ticket Prices: from $17.50

3. Grave Tales in Fort Langley - A Spooky Walking Tour

If you're seeking an eerie Halloween adventure that uncovers Vancouver mysteries, the Grave Tales walking tour in Fort Langley is a must-visit. As Halloween night falls, join a guided tour that winds its way through the historic village, sharing spine-tingling stories that reveal the darker side of this charming community.

Ticket Prices: from $24.58 and up

4. Cougar Creek House of Horror - Surrey's Ultimate Haunted House

For those who dare to embrace the Halloween spirit, the Cougar Creek House of Horror in Surrey is the place to be. This haunted house offers a terrifying journey through chilling scenes and frightening encounters, making it one of the scariest Halloween event in the region.

Ticket Prices: from $42.38 and up

5. Chilliwack Corn Maze - Family-Friendly Pumpkin Patch Halloween Fun

While not the scariest option, the Chilliwack Corn Maze is a fantastic choice for a family friendly event Halloween outing, offering family fun amidst the pumpkin patch. Explore the winding paths, enjoy a variety of themed activities, and make lasting memories in a charming farm setting.

Ticket Prices: from $16.00 and up

6. Maan Farms Corn Maze - A Scary Adventure in Abbotsford

If you're looking for a scarier corn maze experience, head to Maan Farms in Abbotsford. Their haunted corn maze promises visitors a spine-tingling encounters, live actors in Halloween costumes, and surprises at every turn, perfect for thrill-seekers.

Ticket Prices: from $85 and up

7. Halloween Boat Cruise - A Nautical Halloween Adventure

Set sail on a Halloween Boat Cruise to celebrate the Halloween season in style. Enjoy stunning views of the city while indulging in spooky decorations, Halloween costumes, themed drinks, and music to dance the night away.

Ticket Prices: from $35 and up

8. Gastown Tour - A Step into Vancouver's Dark History

Similar to the Fort Langley tour, Gastown offers its own Halloween-themed tour of Vancouver's eerie past. Wander through the historic streets as guides share tales of the city's haunted and mysterious history.

Ticket Prices: from $29 and up

9. Pumpkin Patch - A Classic Halloween Tradition

Picking your own pumpkin is a classic Halloween tradition, and Vancouver doesn't disappoint. Visit local pumpkin patches like Richmond Country Farms or Aldor Acres Family Farm for an enjoyable day with the family, finding the perfect pumpkin for your Halloween night.

Ticket Prices: from $15 and up

10. Capilano Suspension Bridge - A Haunting Twist on an Iconic Attraction

The famous Capilano Suspension Bridge adds a Halloween theme to its enchanting forest walk. Visitors may explore the treetop walkways and the suspension bridge amidst spooky decor and eerie ambiance, adding a unique Halloween twist to this iconic Vancouver attraction.

Ticket Prices: from $66.95 and up

Vancouver and its neighboring areas offer an abundance of Halloween adventures, from the spine-chilling to the family-friendly family fun and tons of kids activities. Whether you're into haunted houses, eerie walks, or simply relishing the beauty of fall, there's something for everyone in this spooktacular region. So, gear up for a season of frights, Halloween treats, and epic Halloween costume for you and the kids as you embark on a Halloween journey around Metro Vancouver and its surroundings.

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