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How to choose your school in Canada? 3 things everyone should consider

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Picking up the school you want to study in Canada can be a headache. It can be a long and tiring process! Hours of investigation, of watched videos and tons of reviews read. With that in mind, we put together this small "how-to guide" to hopefully help you out a little bit on making this tough decision. Here are 3 things everyone should consider before choosing their school.

1. Clarify your goals!

First things first, let's clarify your goals! The first thing you need to do is have a clear answer for the question, "with what intention do I want to study in Canada?". Maybe your intention is to immigrate; perhaps it is for further developing your professional career, and you want to continue your studies; or maybe it's just for the Experience of living abroad and trying some luck in the great white north! Whichever it is, they are all as valid as the other. However, having this point really clear in your mind will help you pick the right school way easier.

*Tip: Check out this article article, as we talk about types of schools, and programs in Canada and this will help you define your goal as well 😉

2. Location, location, location!

Pretty self-explanatory, right? 😅Nevertheless, important to mention. The city or province you want to live in can also be vital when deciding in which school you want to study. The things to take into consideration when picking the location fall under the following;

  • The Weather: With the west coast of Canada being the most relaxed when it comes to Weather, Vancouver and Victoria are usually great options for people who are not crazy about the cold. However, if that's not an issue for you, then the East Coast also has some great places to live. Such as Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa, where the temperature and the weather there tend to be more extreme.

  • The Schools: Of course, not all schools offer the same programs, so you might be looking to study a specific program only offered in one particular school or city. Let's say you are into Visual Effects. Vancouver would be the city for you because the industry offers many opportunities for people looking to work in the film or video game industry.

  • The Lifestyle: Another obvious factor when making your decision is the lifestyle you would like to have! Would you like to be more in contact with nature? Do some hiking or extreme sports? Then Vancouver is for you! Are you more into metropolitan/big city vibes? Then Toronto might be a better choice! Define the lifestyle you like, and you will be one step closer to choosing your school.

  • The Immigration Programs: Another biggie when making your decision. Not all provinces offer support for the same professional profiles. When it comes to immigration programs, you might want to take a look into which province might offer opportunities that suit you the best.

  • The Professional Scene: And finally… the professional scene, of course! You don't wanna ignore the opportunities you might find (or not find) in the location you choose. Each city might offer different options depending on the industries thriving there. For example, if you were looking to work in the music industry, Toronto might be the place for you! As it is the largest centre of music in Canada.

3. Budget

Finally, the budget! One of the most important things to consider when choosing your school or program. For example, you might be looking forward to studying a whole Bachelor of Arts. Still, your budget has decided for you already that that's not possible 🥲(oh the reality! Don't worry, it happens to a lot of us). So then you would need to move around some alternatives that still allow you to reach your desired goal but have your budget into consideration.

Something quite common to happen is that, when a program is quite expensive for an intentional student, you could wait until you get your PR to attend that program. Domestic students always pay less than international students. Plus, you have the opportunity to ask for government student loans that could help you out to study in whichever school you want. So, hypothetically speaking, your plan would be to study first in any school that helps you get the PR that aligns with your budget, then work for a while as you wait for your PR. Once you get your PR, get enrolled in the school or program you wanted from the beginning! (This situation happens more often than you think)

Of course, there's no formula for choosing your school. It always depends on your priorities. But, having these 3 points well-identified will definitely help you 😉 Try mixing different scenarios in your head, different budgets, schools and locations. Visualize them and then start ruling out those that don't convince you that much.

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