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Meet Carla Medeiros | Student of the Month

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

No one story is like the other. As international students, we all have our own unique experiences, motivations and milestones. This time around, we want to highlight yet again a unique story. This is a tale of a woman in a journey of self discovery that only a place like Vancouver was able to provide. Meet Carla Medeiros, a communications enthusiast that left a good life in Brazil in pursuit of adventure and self improvement. She has 12 years of experience in the Press Agency sector and having dealt with corporate communications and public relations.

Carla came as an international student in 2019 after a conversation with her husband led to two objectives that came together perfectly in Canada: studying English and having an international experience . As a communications professional, Carla had a comfortable life back home but had found herself at a crossroads when trying to move up the corporate ladder. It was obvious that having a second language would open new opportunities for her. Meanwhile, her husband craved for a new trajectory for his career too and he was looking forward to starting that new phase together.

And so, they decided to move to Vancouver and try their luck! However, as we all know, this experience is easier said than done.

“ Coming to Canada really tests your resilience and also your relationship. I know of many people that have moved abroad and have not been able to stay together after a while. And people who returned to their countries due to the challenges of being an immigrant.”

Despite this scary thought, Carla’s situation moved in the opposite direction.

“I’ve been very lucky that my husband has been there for me and we have supported each other through this process. I feel like coming to Vancouver has strengthened our bond and made us a better couple.”

Now, let us tell you that Carla originally had the idea of coming to get skilled and return to Brazil. But we all know how that goes 😉…

“My intention was to compete for better opportunities and positions in my company for which I work remotely at the moment. Nevertheless, one thing I’ve learned is that plans constantly change and it’s ok.”

Believe it or not, Carla would not have said this sentence a couple of years back.

They fell in love with this city and all that it has to offer, nature, freedom, lifestyle, culture and quality of life.

The Self Discovery Part Of The Story

Carla remembers that back home she was used to being in control of situations. And we know that control is the last thing you have when you move to a new country. New food, new language, new surroundings, new people, different traditions, way of speaking, you name it.

“I was so comfortable back home and I knew what to expect at any time. Vancouver has given us some tough times and you learn to be flexible. Plan A might become plan B or even E and that is okay.”

A Five-Star Attitude

One thing we have to highlight about Carla is her positive view on life and the number of things she does. This is the list of things she is doing at the moment:

  1. Studying a international business communication diploma at a local college

  2. Working for a multinational corporation in Brazil as a digital nomad

  3. Studying an online MBA

  4. Volunteering to try and continue practicing and improving her English

  5. Working locally with customer service as part of her study/work program

  6. Enjoying working out outdoors (at what time?)

  7. Joining cycling and group’s classes such as dance (ok, stop!)

In addition, Carla is currently monitoring Canadian agencies to see if there is a transition opportunity once she finishes her studies and to learn how they do local communications. She is realistic but she remains focused on her journey, respecting her time and staying confident in the process of improvement and learning.

And while you may think Carla must be barely able to operate doing all this, she has the biggest smile on her face and a way of conversing that is refreshing and energizing. We can all learn a thing or two from Carla. Whether it’s her resilience, her five-star attitude or her determination. And because of all these wonderful characteristics, we asked her if she had any advice for other international students.

“I think everyone should understand how English is important in our lives and be more prepared with basic English skills. Everything gets easier after a while and oh, come to Vancouver because it is amazing.”

They don’t call it beautiful British Columbia for nothing. It is amazing indeed.

If you want to learn more about Carla, join our Slack community and strike a conversation with her and others in our community.

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