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Should You Pursue A Career In Supply Chain?

If you have always been curious about how products are made and how you get to buy an item made in a country thousands of miles away, the supply chain could be of interest to you.

What is a Supply Chain?

The supply chain is the series of activities and physical locations involved in the creation and distribution of goods. This chain includes suppliers, manufacturing companies, warehouses, distribution centres, and retail spaces.

Why Study Supply Chain in Vancouver

Vancouver's strategic location on the west coast of Canada, near the US border and as a gateway to the Asia-Pacific region, makes it a critical hub for international trade. The Port of Vancouver is Canada's largest port, facilitating the trade of goods between Canada and over 170 world economies. These port activities have a profound impact on transportation, warehousing, and the overall supply chain in British Columbia.

Because of this access, it provides supply chain professionals with numerous opportunities to engage in global trade, logistics, and transportation management.

As someone who has transitioned from being an international student to making Vancouver my home, I've come to appreciate the unique position this city holds not just in Canada, but on the global stage. The Port of Vancouver stands as a testament to the city's strategic importance in the supply chain industry, impacting not only the local economy but also extending its influence across the province and beyond.

The Labour Market in Vancouver for Supply Chain Professionals

A comprehensive study by InterVISTAS highlights the port's extensive economic impact, which includes supporting approximately 44,800 full-time equivalent jobs and contributing $4.6 billion directly to Canada’s GDP.

And just in case you are wondering now how much you can make as a professional working in this industry, here’s some data. According to the 2021 Canadian Supply Chain Salary Report from ASCM and Supply Chain Canada, young professionals have a median starting salary of around $55,000 😱. Meanwhile, the median salary among supply chain professionals in Canada is $83,000 CAD. After additional cash compensation, the median’s total cash compensation grows to $89,850 CAD.

However, this is an industry that continues to grow and will demand more supply chain professionals in the coming years. As Vancouver’s demand for port activity has increased over the last few years, the port has already gone through an expansion project that finished in 2023 and increased the downtown terminal’s footprint by 15%.

On top of that, the government approved an additional $3.5 billion terminal expansion project for the Delta Terminal that will see it increase its container capacity by 50%. This means that a TON of companies are trying to send goods in containers through Vancouver!

Where to Study Supply Chain Management

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and immigrate through studies, we’ll tell you today about the Supply Chain Management Specialist program offered by SELC Career College Vancouver. 

This program provides an excellent starting point as it is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this sector. It covers a broad range of topics, from procurement and supply management to logistics and transportation, all tailored to meet the demands of today's complex supply chains. 

As former international students, we understand the value of finding a program that not only offers comprehensive education but also prepares you for real-world challenges and industry requirements. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised to see that SELC's program is structured to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to make their mark in this field.

What we particularly liked is that the school is a designated “Centre of Excellence in Logistics & Learning '' for the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT). This means that the training you’ll receive will be centred around courses and certifications that can earn you a designation and help you:

  1. Find a job faster upon graduation

  2. Increase your chances of receiving a better salary

As an international student and aspiring supply chain specialist, understanding the importance of the educational pathways available to enter this industry is the first step towards a promising career in a sector that is at the heart of global commerce. 

And what better place than a beautiful city with worldwide interest in moving goods across borders?! We would love to help you if you want more information or want to enroll in this program. Let us know by filling out this form.

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