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Student Friendly Bites! 🍔 So that you don’t have to decide between food and rent 😅

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

We know that, as students, we often tend to have the simplest yet filling meals. You don’t like to be hungry but you obviously still need to consider your pocket! That’s why we have curated a list of the top 5 best student-friendly restaurants and coffee shops in Vancouver. Especially in this city, where there are lots of options when considering food. If you are one of those people who love to try new flavours, Vancouver is one of the 50 cities in the world with the most diverse food scenes! You can save money and eat great food!

Ramen Danbo @ Robson St. 🍜

Have you ever tried Ramen before? This might be a great opportunity to do it! Ramen Danbo is one of the 15 best restaurants in Vancouver. Lots of options that come with a great price – vegetarian, vegan, you name it! Ramen Danbo has one of the greatest ramen that you could eat outside of Japan. If you don’t believe us, ask TripAdvisor!

Nero Waffles 🧇

Nero waffles (ohhh man… such great waffles ) offers a great variety of options for the sweetooths around here! Inspired by Belgian traditional and delicious waffles, this place has brought European sweetness to Vancouver! No wonder why they usually have a line of people waiting to get some of their quick bites, you know, some small to-go versions of the classic Belgian waffles. You are also more than welcome to dine in if you want to, as they have an amazing menu that offers both sweet and savoury options.

Revolver Coffee

Coffee lovers sustain the big cities that never sleep, and Vancouver is not any different. With a perfect mixture of coffee art and deliciousness, Revolver coffee brings you the greatest coffee quality in the city. It is also known for its variety of products, as they have coffee from all over the world! Not convinced? Look into their Instagram account to be in love with coffee coziness!

Momo Sushi cheapest sushi in downtown Vancouver 🍣

Momo sushi has one of the best ratings for Japanese food in Vancouver. Want to know their secret? Cheapest sushi in town! Whether you aim to try Japanese food or you are just looking to eat without worrying about the price, this restaurant provides both experiences! The favourite things of their customers are the service, the variety of sushi and of course, the price!

Street Food 🌮

We could not end this article without mentioning an option for street foodies! And of course, Vancouver has a good deal of street food options. One of them is the WakWak Burger truck located in Granville & W Pender intersection, in downtown Vancouver! We love it because it sells many of the burgers on their menu for $3.99! It is not a simple burger, though. It has lots of toppings and flavours that you can add to it!

Another one in Granville street is La Loteria, Mexican Street Food. With tortas, tamales and tacos that cost $2 each, how can you not love their food? They are tasty, authentic and savoury! We could not ask for more!

Eat healthy and cheap? A few years ago we would have told you that’s impossible. Right now, not anymore! Chickpea Food Truck offers plant-based food like hummus with a Mediterranean approach that makes it even more attractive! You can create your own chickpea experience by choosing hummus on a fresh salad or Chickpea Fries and then making it a combo with a protein of your choice.

Although it is known the cheapest option is always cooking your own food, who can say no to such a wide and diverse culinary experience? Also, if you are (or will be) working and studying you will not have much free time. In fact, based on our experience, you will want to enjoy that time with your new friends, discovering new places instead of shopping at the superstore! While we believe you can do both, it is also worth knowing you can have anything you dream of eating the moment you step outside your front door, right?

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