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The 10 most Instagrammable places in Vancouver

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Get your fit and your camera ready 📸

Being an international student often means being constantly bombarded by friends and family and everyone you left behind to share updates and tell them everything about how you have been doing so far (especially during your first few weeks after you arrive). And what better way to do so than by sharing some of your new life through social media??

That’s why we decided to pull this list together so that you can share some great pictures of this beautiful city! (And why not? you will have a killer Instagram feed at the same time)

Find here our Top 10 most Instagrammable places in Vancouver!



A beautiful mural on the corner of Burrard and 4th avenue! Designed with the intention for it to be seen not only as a “landmark” of that area but also as an interactive piece of art that people would be drawn to, the Kitsilano Wings are for sure worth taking a visit to. 😉

MacLeod’s Books


Books! Books everywhere! Piles of them! (And piles on top of piles) From the floor rising all the way to the ceiling. MacLeod’s Books is a beautiful antique-looking bookstore in Downtown Van. Located on the corner of W Pender and Richards, this store holds an invaluable treasure to enjoy! But, given its antique look, it’s also an excellent place for anyone looking to have a unique post on their IG. Go check it out!

The Pink Alley

@foodie_tm Quite a famous spot for taking IG pictures here in Vancouver, yet still a lot of people miss it. The Pink Alley, located in the south of West Hastings between Seymour and Granville, is a beautiful mural work of art that’s perfect for taking amazing pictures! With a simple Pink & Yellow colour palette, it’s a great place to let your creativity flow and take some excellent fashion vibe pictures! 😉

Vancouver Art Gallery

@a.yes.h.a Another pretty famous spot for capturing some great memories; however, we placed the Vancouver Art Gallery on this list because a lot of people just stick to taking some pictures of its facade, but taking a step inside is for sure worth it! The main staircase is a super instagrammable spot!! Plus, they always have cool exhibitions that are surely worthy of sharing on your IG.

Lonsdale Quay

@shotbytimmy08 Located in North Vancouver, Lonsdale Quay is an incredible spot not only for taking some great pictures, as its waterfront views are something worth sharing, but it’s also a great place to spend your day. Here you’ll find the Seabus terminal as well as the Lonsdale public market.

Bill Curtis Square (Yaletown Umbrellas)

@iyaletown Ah yes, “that place with all the umbrellas”! Of course, it needed to be on this list. The Bill Curtis Square is a small area located just outside the Yaletown Roundhouse Skytrain station, and it’s well known for always having beautiful coloured Umbrellas art installations. They constantly change throughout the year, and their colours contrast with the brick building that’s right behind them, making this a perfect background for your next IG selfie!

The Rainbow Jukebox

@sociologix Reflecting the personality of a local printing company, this spot is a rainbow-like mural with plenty of vibrant colours! This wall offers a perfect Instagram-worthy background for you, and it’s ideal for you to play around with multiple outfits and select which one you like the best against this background 😉 This wall is located at 165 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, B.C

Kitsilano Swing


Regardless if you are yet in Vancouver, Kitsilano is probably a place you have heard about already. Quite famous for its beautiful beach and its great stores! However, this place holds what it was once a hidden IG gem.. the Kitsilano swing! The Kitsilano swing is a rope swing located right in front of the beach, specially placed for you to enjoy some beautiful views! It’s totally worth checking it out!

Siwash Rock (A.K.A Pineapple Rock) at Stanley Park Seawall

@viawesome If you’ve been in Vancouver for a while, you have probably passed this spot a couple of times already… The Siwash Rock! (It has a name, yes!) Standing somewhere around 15 meters tall, this is an iconic landmark of Stanley Park’s seawall. Locally known as the “Pineapple Rock” with a unique name and location, this spot presents anyone with the opportunity to have a great Instagram picture, especially during the summer!

Capilano Suspension Bridge


Probably one of the most famous spots around the city for you to take great pictures. However, it is still worth mentioning because most people stick to only taking a photo of them on the actual bridge, and that’s it! However, the Capilano suspension park has way more to offer! Especially if you visit during the winter, as they still have the lights all over the park, it turns into a completely surreal environment!

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