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The importance of networking for advancing your career

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Welcome to the land of maple syrup, breathtaking landscapes, and endless opportunities, Canada!

The importance of networking cannot be overstated as an international student. Especially given that, according to a survey by Hubspot, over 80% of job openings are filled because of networking!! That’s a lot of jobs, yes. Therefore, networking is essential to boost your career and get a true sense of Canadian culture. So please grab your favorite Tim Hortons drink and let's explore the “networking world 🌎”.

*Add as a note: Networking is like making new friends, but with a career twist – it's the process of meeting people, building relationships, and creating opportunities to help each other succeed.

Build Relationships to Widen Your Horizons

Networking is like the secret ingredient that gives your professional journey flavor. As an international student in Canada, networking opens doors to a system of like-minded people, experts, and mentors who may offer priceless insights, advice, and other possibilities. You can significantly broaden your horizons by going to networking events, joining clubs, and connecting with professionals on websites like LinkedIn or Meet-Up.

Embrace Diversity

Canada takes great pride in its inclusive and diverse culture. You can access this diverse array of cultures and viewpoints by networking. You may develop your cultural intelligence and obtain a deeper knowledge of global dynamics by interacting with people from various backgrounds. Take advantage of the possibility to have discussions, exchange experiences, and create cross-border connections.

“Canadian Connection” is Power

In Canada, networking is about building real relationships rather than merely passing business cards. Since Canadians are recognized for being approachable and kind, it is simpler to start conversations and create long-lasting bonds with them. Use these chances to build relationships that can advance your career, whether it's through a casual meetup, a team project, or a networking event.

A Guide Can Light Your Path

It is of utmost value to find a mentor who can help you navigate the maze of job options and professional development. Professionals from Canada are frequently willing to mentor foreign students, impart their knowledge, and offer career guidance. Look for mentoring programs given by your institution or university, through businesses, at networking events, or through other channels. Having a mentor by your side can hasten your development and give you the confidence you need to successfully navigate the Canadian employment market.

Network on Digital Platforms

While face-to-face connections are crucial for networking, don't discount the importance of the online world. Use social networking sites, especially LinkedIn, to network with industry leaders, join groups, and promote your abilities. Establish a strong online presence, participate in insightful online discussions, and offer your market expertise. Through networking, you can interact with experts not only in Canada but all across the world in the digital age.

Networking becomes your ticket to success as an international student in Canada. It serves as a doorway to a vast universe of possibilities, information, and valuable contacts. Put yourself out there, take advantage of Canada's thriving networking scene, and you'll be able to find the career of your dreams. Keep in mind that networking is about more than simply getting ahead professionally; it's also about making lifelong friends, accepting different viewpoints, and completely experiencing Canadian culture.

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