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Thrift Shops in Vancouver

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Thrift shops! A great concept many of us only knew because of Hollywood movies, but that is not something we had the chance to experience before arriving in Vancouver. Known by many other names as well; second-hand stores, consignment shops, charity or opportunity shops, these stores feature used goods that consumers no longer need but wish to sell to others at steep discounts from the original retail price.

These stores are commonly run by non-profit agencies that accept donations of items still in good condition and then sell them to the public at inexpensive or reduced prices. Tons of them focus just on clothing, especially the smaller ones. Some others specialize in specific items (like luxury apparel), and others, especially the big ones, have a little bit of everything. Regardless, you can definitely find all kinds of stuff in thrift shops! In some cases, the experience of going to them is not that much different from what you see in Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement, remember? Piles of stuff that reach all the way to the ceilings; apparel, furniture, electronics, jewelry.

the room of requirement from Harry Potter film
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Some of the best Thrift shops in Vancouver

Mintage Mall

If you are a vintage culture enthusiast, then you'll probably love this store! Mintage Mall is a vintage (thrift) store that offers a carefully selected collection of vintage clothing and accessories as well as reworked items. Within the 'mall', you'll find individually curated rooms, each associated with different sellers and their own shops. The items they offer are carefully hand-selected, ensuring quality and authenticity, so paying a visit to this store will for sure be worth your time.


My sister's closet

My Sister’s Closet is an eco-thrift boutique that operates as a social enterprise of Battered Woman Support Services. It not only offers beautiful items and engages in community around sustainability and fashion but also raises funds for the work to end gender-based violence. It’s one of Vancouver’s best-hidden gems.



The leading reseller of authentic luxury goods! Turnabout has been around for over 40 years, and it's pretty clear why they have managed to be so relevant for so long. In collaboration with Dress for Success Vancouver, these stores support women in need by empowering them to achieve economic independence. Check out their multiple locations to find fantastic luxury items at incredibly low prices.


Value Village

Not a specialized store but definitely a practical one, Value Village is one of the biggest Thrift stores in Vancouver. They are the place to go when you want to get rid of some clothes that might not fit you as they used to or that you simply don't like anymore. Plus, it is always a good idea to take a peek inside whenever you go there. You'll never know what you find! Value Village has all kinds of things, from books to kitchenware and furniture, and it's flooded with new items daily.

the room of requirement from Harry Potter film

Salvation Army

Probably the most famous thrift store, the Salvation Army is a store operated by the Salvation Army Church, which has over 400 locations across Canada and a presence in over 130 countries!! Their thrift store is also one of the best for finding all kinds of things for all sorts of people; kids, young, adults, men, women, you name it. They have multiple locations across Vancouver, so they are super convenient for you to go to.


But please, by no means don't just stick to this list of thrift stores, as this city is full of them! Thrift shopping is a big part of the culture here, and now you can probably imagine why… Thrift shopping grants people more than just the opportunity of saving money. They grant the option of being eco-friendly, to contribute to causes of value, causes in which we believe, and this way, they allow you to help others. Plus, that exciting feeling you get of not actually knowing what you might find is something that regular stores cannot compete with!

So get on board with the thrift shopping trend and try going to one of them for yourself. You might fall in love with this lifestyle 😉 And don't forget to let us know what you think about them in our forum, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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