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Top activities to do during Rainy Weather

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

While Vancouver is known for its many outdoor activities, it’s also known for its fast-changing seasons that usually bring the rainiest winters and warmest summers. As winter is still here, we wanted to give you some fresh ideas to help you overcome this “not so easy to deal with” weather. Here are some activities to enjoy during the rainy days!

1. Organize a Potluck

Being a student in Vancouver provides a fantastic opportunity to get to know people from many different countries and, what better chance to get to know them than through food!?

You can organize a Potluck with your friends, roommates, and neighbours!

Wondering what the hell does that mean? Well, a Potluck is just a fancy way of saying a bring your own dish kinda party... a gathering in which each guest brings a homemade dish and, in this case, that dish should be representative of the place you are originally from. Sounds fun, right!?

2. Plan a trip

Did you know that some psychologists suggest that planning a trip is just as enjoyable for people as the trip itself!? (Mind blown, right)

Well, say that you are staying in during one of the city’s many rainy days and, while you’re grabbing a cup of hot chocolate, you start thinking and planning what will be your next destination. Good plan, isn’t it? 😉 Fortunately for us, there are many places for a perfect winter getaway from Vancouver. You just have to plan it!

How does learning to ski in the popular resort of Whistler Blackcomb or taking the bus to the famous city of Seattle sound like?

3. Learn something new about the city

After the pandemic, many museums went online and started doing virtual tours. When being in a new city, it can sometimes be confusing to not know about the culture of the city you are in. MOV, the Museum of Vancouver, offers virtual exhibitions where an online user can explore both the art and history that Vancouver offers. Or you could take an amazing tour of Vancouver by drone!

4. Have a Photoshoot session! 📸

Do you want to go outside without being soaking wet? We’ve got you covered! 😉Enjoy a different kind of afternoon doing a photoshoot with your friends at Moon&Back gallery in Richmond. This is the first mirror light gallery in Metro Vancouver, with ten unique rooms where you can see yourself with spectacular backdrops for photos! (Instagram? Sounds familiar?)

This can also be a great opportunity if you are currently studying something related to Media in Vancouver. You can practice with photography lights and hang out with friends while experimenting with a different kind of environment!

5. Visit an Escape Room 🔐

​​Escape rooms provide a getaway from the real world and the chance to communicate and strategize with people you may not have anticipated doing it with. If you are also struggling with your English communication skills, this would be the perfect opportunity to get you started!

There are a lot of places in Vancouver in which you can book a room for the number of hours you decide. It only depends on your preferences! Whether surviving the wilderness and harsh winds of an avalanche in Exit Canada or taking a step further with real actors that provide performances of zombies or crazy doctors, you will have plenty of options!

In the end, it does not matter what you do as long as you enjoy it! The great thing is that Vancouver is a city that welcomes all types of people with diverse interests and hobbies. Do you want to spend time alone? You can pick between the multiple cozy café’s all over town or maybe a library. Do you want to do something creative and unexpected while still meeting new people? Join a group of your choosing on Meetup Vancouver!

We hope this article gave you some good ideas on how to enjoy your time while the weather is not the best 😉 Now, let’s do it! Explore, have fun and discover!

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