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Unique events you can’t miss! Exploring some of the most vibrant seasonal events in Vancouver

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

It’s well known by most of us that there are two major events that are just a token of this city.. The first day of skiing season and the first day of summer! However, once you live here for a while there are some other events that any real vancouverite can always be looking forward to. Let us tell you more about them 😉

Honda Celebration of Light!

For sure one of the most anticipated events in Vancouver, and probably one of the most exciting ones! Honda Celebration of Light is an international Fireworks competition which is held on the beach-side during the peak of the summer! Usually between the last weeks of July and the first of August. This competition lasts 3 weekends in total and it’s the reason for thousands of tourists to come to Vancouver. Here’s how it works: 3 competitors from any part of the world are invited to represent their country during this vibrant competition, in which they must put on a 25-minute firework show (yes, 25 minutes of continuously watching things explode in the air!!). Each team will have their own night to do their show, each of these nights separated by a complete week, hence the 3 weekends duration of the event. The firework display is set to accompanying music, and each display will be judged on a number of things including:

  • Sizing of the Show

  • Overall Design and Artistry

  • Synchronization

  • Originality of Effects

  • Quality of Soundtrack

Furthermore, this event usually is organized having always a theme in mind, therefore, both the show itself and the music need to be aligned with the theme. For example, for the most recent edition of the event, the 2019 competition, the theme of the event was Love, and the event was won by the Canadian team whose musical medley included songs such as Something Just Like This, by The Chainsmokers, Happier by Marshmello and Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake.

Accompanied by live music both before and after the actual display and great food options around, the Honda Celebration of Light is for sure an experience you don’t want to miss!! 😍

420 Vancouver | A Cannabis Celebration!

As you probably know already, Canada is famous for mostly 3 things besides the cold… It’s politeness, their passion for hockey and cannabis! That’s right, Canada it’s famous not only for being one of the most cannabis-friendly countries in the world but also for the great quality of the product they offer. (Yeah, we know, sounds like a dream come true, right?)

As a matter of fact, the reason the Cannabis culture has grown so strongly in Canada it’s because its legalization not so long ago and, with it, the intervention from Canadian authorities to manage, assess, and produce great quality cannabis products. So good that other countries in the process of legalization have actually asked Canada for aid in their own pursuit of having great cannabis themselves.

That being said, it’s no wonder why Vancouver is home to the largest cannabis protest and celebrations on the planet!! That’s right, 420 Vancouver has been the most important festival for the expression of cannabis in the world for 26 years already, and they plan to continue being so.

Vancouver’s 420 festival takes place every year on April the 20th (wonder how they came up with that date 🤔) regardless of the day of the week or how the weather is. The festival always tries to live up to its name and usually always takes place on that date. Unless, of course, there is a worldwide crisis like a pandemic that affects the world in an unprecedented way… But how often could that happen, right? RIGHT!?

420 Vancouver it’s a worldwide known festival that receives over 100,000 people and over 500 vendors every year! 420 is a unique, volunteer-run, and non-profit event that exists to remind us to speak for ourselves, for what we love and what we believe, and to celebrate how far we have come with the acceptance of the things that once were considered taboo.

Taking place in one of the most beautiful beaches of Vancouver, Sunset beach, 420 it’s looking to receive you with arms wide open for you to enjoy this day long festival around a great community, great music, great food and most importantly, with a great environment! See you next April!!

Ho Ho Ho! | Vancouver Christmas Market

You know, there’s a centuries-old tradition in Germany where many towns host what they call a Christkindlmarkt in December; a Christmas Market! And each of them it’s a completely unique experience, as they feature local artisans, music and festive regional refreshments that you couldn't find anywhere else. Visitors take the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, sample local delicacies, do some shopping and share the holiday cheer! (And eat… Eat a lot!)

Each year, the Vancouver Christmas Market brings this festive Old World tradition to Vancouver. This cherished holiday event offers an authentic German feast for the senses. Walk around the pathways of this European-inspired Christmas village and let that Christmas Spirit glow!

You’ll be able to enjoy food and products brought that will link you directly to its European roots. You might enjoy some good old fashion Churros, some classic Mulled wine, German sausages and even have a few laughs or be amazed with the open Mic section in this wonderful Christmas Market. The price of admission varies from year to year but it;s usually no more than $18 dollars if you buy the tickets at the gate or $15 if you do it online. You can enjoy this Christmas wonderland from around mid November until Christmas Eve every year, so if you are already around to take a visit, make sure to check it out! We guarantee you it’s worth it

So, as you can see, Vancouver has more things to look forward to other than the first day of ski season and the first day of summer. Add these events to your calendar and keep an eye for any other vibrant events out there, as this city always has great new experiences to offer.

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