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Job Fairs in Canada: A door-opening experience!

Updated: Feb 26

If you are looking for a job in Canada you’ve probably already heard the terms career fair or job fair as it is one of the most common events Canadians use to land a job. But if you come from a country where job fairs are not a thing, then you might be wondering exactly what they are. 

Imagine they are a bustling marketplace, but instead of it being full of merchants selling fresh fruit or some treats, there are companies eager to snatch up bright minds like yours. That is a job fair, Thrivvers. It’s like Coachella for job events, only with more resumes and fewer musicians.

How do Job Fairs work?

Let’s break down the mechanics. At Thrivve, we like to think of job fairs as speed dating for careers. You, the charming candidate, wander from booth to booth, trying to impress potential employers with your charm, your experience, and a perfectly crafted elevator pitch. 

It’s all about making a strong first impression with the right people, which is in fact the beauty of job fairs! In many of these events, the people at the booths are actually the decision-makers. The person who could actually get you the job is right there in front of you, so it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

The Power of Job Fairs 

Job fairs have the potential to create game-changing moments for international students. Job fairs are more than just social events, at least for us, as they have the power to completely transform our lives. Not kidding, you might find here an employer willing to sponsor you with a visa!However, we understand some of the concerns you might have:

  • Socializing is not your thing

  • You don’t think you are good at pitching yourself

  • You don’t know how to network

But don’t worry, practice makes perfect! We’ve seen it happen: the shy student who believed networking to be something out of their reach and bam! Suddenly they have already made a connection with a company that is willing to give them a shot.

5 Tips for Job Fair Success

Now, because we want to give you the best shot at landing a job, here are 5 juicy tips you can apply next time you go to a job fair:

  1. Dress to Impress: Think of these events as if they were a first date – but with your future boss. No pressure, right? 😅 Jokes aside… Dress according to the job you want. If you want to aim to work for a tech start-up (they are known to be casual dressers) at least dress business casual. If you want to work for a great hotel for example, then suit up! Always dress to impress your potential employer. 

  2. Improve Your Elevator Pitch: Imagine you’re in an actual elevator. You’ve got until it reaches the top floor to sell yourself. You need to explain who you are as a professional in just 30 to 60 seconds. So, practice this pitch before you go to your first job fair. And remember this is a teaser, not your life story. So prepare some highlights and make them interested enough to have a second conversation.

  3. Bring your resume: You would be shocked by the number of applicants who don't even bother to bring one. So bring your resume and maybe invest in a fancy folder – first impressions matter.

  4. Network, Network, Network: Be a social ninja. You might not get another chance to chat with that dream employer who’s handing out business cards like candy.

  5. Follow Up the Next Day: The magic doesn’t end when the fair does. Send those thank-you emails, and let them know you’re the dynamo they’ve been waiting for.

Job fairs are not just events – they're gateways to your future. Dive in, be your fabulous self, and let the career adventures begin! 

Oh, and before we forget, if you have not worked on your resume you might want to get that going. Here, check out our article on how to write a resume in a Canadian format. It will help you a lot. 

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